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We work with leading brands in e-commerce and marketing agencies. Our excellent customer support and award-winning, flexible solutions help marketers worldwide to increase awareness, boost user engagement, and significantly lift revenue and sales volume.

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We help our clients reach business and marketing goals with advanced customer segmentation, bespoke customer journey scenarios, Deep Learning optimization, and more features that make your sales funnel strategy more effective.

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Our ultimate goal is to fuel your business growth by delivering the best results possible, adjusting strategies dynamically for your industry and real-time events. We create the most efficient solutions for e-commerce and marketing agencies, where the brand and digital marketing technology come together harmoniously.

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"Launching RTB House alongside our existing retargeting providers increased our reach, doubled our conversions from retargeting while keeping the agreed budget."

Hongyan Wang, Global Growth Digital Re-engagement Lead


“With RTB House’s advanced retargeting technology and performance-based payment model, we can run more efficient and goal-oriented campaigns which help to improve our engagement with consumers.”

Tito Costa, Marketing Manager


“The good results delivered by RTB House proved that we chose the right retargeter. The functionalities of the platform and their performance oriented approach helped us to reach our goals and to deliver high quality content to the users.”

Razvan Acsente, Head of Marketing


“RTB House provided better performance and higher volume than mostly all other retargeting partners we have ever tested. And that was no small number!”

Antonio Gordilho, Growth Manager


"RTB House is the best choice retargeter when it comes to fast, effective campaign optimization, data transparency and increase in revenue. At DefShop, we are very satisfied with the results and look forward to a friendly and successful international partnership with RTB House."

Matthias Spangenberg, Director of Marketing


"By using a multiple-retargeting strategy, we doubled high quality retargeting traffic. This resulted in additional revenue. For us, RTB House is a valuable partner that keeps promises. We particularly value their flexibility and the exceptional customer service."

Nuno Cristóvão, Chief Operating Manager


"RTB House helps us achieve our bespoke goals through both high-quality web traffic and lead generation. Their proactiveness, understanding, flexibility and commitment in terms of account management has driven great results for us."

Andrew Barton, Paid Search Specialist


"RTB House increased our overall ROAS by up to 10%. They also achieved our ROI target, so we can upscale the budget to further increase the reach, which by the way has never been so high, until we have started working with RTB House."

Sandy Kusuma, Senior Performance Advertising Analyst

Certified Against Fraud by the Trustworthy Accountability Group

“Protecting the supply chain from fraud requires cross-industry cooperation, and we are grateful to leaders like RTB House who have adopted rigorous anti-fraud standards.”

Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG

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