Customer Journey Scenarios

Make your marketing funnel more efficient

Use tools that fit your existing marketing strategy. Reach your customers at every step of their purchasing journey with sophisticated, custom retargeting scenarios.

Industry-based Customer Segmentation

Treat your customers uniquely

Use the flexibility of our technology to create different customer segments that are appropriate for your business. Set unique goals and deliver tailored creatives for each segment of your customers to offer products that they actually want.


Domestic Flights
Users looking for domestic flights
Foreign Flights
Users looking for foreign flights


Properties to rent
Users looking for properties to rent
Properties to buy
Users looking for properties to buy


Frequent customer
Loyal clients who make purchases frequently
New customer
New clients who have never purchased before

Deep Learning Optimization

Benefit from state-of-the-art technology

Deep Learning algorithms make your campaigns perform better and allow you to generate content more accurately tailored to your customers’ profiles. Campaigns utilizing Deep Learning are up to 50% more compared to those using standard Machine Learning approaches.
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Transparent Reporting and 24/7 Goals Monitoring

Monitor, manage, and optimize your campaign in one place

Your campaign’s goals and stats are monitored around the clock and displayed in real-time. You get access to detailed information on your campaign, from a general overview, to deep campaign analytics, narrowing down to a single-creative preview level.
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Brand Safety Tailored to Your Policy

Display your ads among safe content and websites

Unlike other tools, our solution can be customized to follow your Brand Safety Policy by using:
  • Website Category Filter – easily excludes content categories that may oppose your brand standards
  • News Filter – automatically blocks news content with selected keywords and phrases
  • Not Allowed List – block specific websites to place your brand only among the safe environment
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All-Device Reach

Reach wherever your shoppers are

You can run effective campaigns on any device . Make the most out of personalized retargeting with smartphone and tablet, In-app, Smart TVs, or game consoles, serving your ads to customers around the globe, wherever they are!
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Even More Opportunities to Explore



Reach your customers on every device they use (smartphones, smart TVs, PCs, etc.).



Integrate your retargeting campaign with your CRM data to boost sales even more.



Get the most out of retargeting for your in‑apps users.



Experience great turnaround times and proactiveness.



Analyze only the data you need, on-demand.



Analyze your campaigns through your own or third party solutions.



Delight your customers with best-in-class, personalized creatives.